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Shanghai wafer microelectronics co.,ltd. is specialized in manufacturing coin acceptor system, coin selector mechanism, coin validator units and MDB interface cashless payment box for vending machine system, gsm remote controller, gsm alarm box , SMS relay switch control box and GSM relay controller units for industrial remote control and the microwave automatic door motion sensors products for the automitic door system ,and so on.

LETPOS: Convert MDB payment amount to Pulse output

It can connect a variety of MDB payment devices, including bill acceptor, coin validator, and MDB cashless credit card reader, to receive payments, and convert the payment amount into a set number of pulses according to the set pulse price

MDB-RS232 (MDB2PC) and RS232-MDB (PC2MDB) for cashless payment interface with vending machine

2017 An innovative GSM Alarm box GL09 and GA01P designed by WAFERSTAR

New GSM-INTERCOM WAFER for home, office, apartment and pulic area

GSM Alarm controller for neighbor safety,community safety and also it can be used for community propaganda. When any emergency things happen, can call the controller and large horn speakers call for help deter criminals.

WAFER GSM-KEY GPRS Version Start the sample orders

!!! innovative & Amazing WAFER 4G,GSM,GPRS,New GSM-KEY products

We OEM 4G controller for USA,CANADA,SINGAPORE,KOREA ,Europe and Chinese market (4G controller compatible with 3G and GSM)

we manufacture gsm sms remote control for vending machine and gsm relay switch control box for automatic door opener and WF-TP series GSM temperature & alarm controller since 2008. some of the gsm remote controls we produce are easy to use and can be installed by people with a basic technical knowledge such as wf-900 water pump control,gsm modem wf-800 series gsm unit for vending machine remote management and so on.

Wafer also can do the OEM design for customer's GSM remote control products. any idea or requirement,Wafer can help you to realize it at a very low cost. We also can make the CDMA /3G and 4G remote control products and GPRS data modem for the market.

Wafer GSM products series including: GSM-KEY for automatic door and electric gate,GSM-Power power strip for home remote control application,GSM-RELAY,GSM-CTL,GSM-AUTO for industrial remote control projects, GSM-TP01 for temperature remote monitor and control device, GSM-WAFER for water or oil tank monitor and control. RTU5010,RTU5011,RTU5015 Series

gsm remote management for vending machine gsm remote controller for water pump gsm remote controller for automatic door
GSM remote control board GSM remote control power strip GSM-KEY for automatic door opener
gsm remote management for vending machine gsm remote management for vending machine gsm remote management for vending machine
GSM-CTL GSM Relay Switch GSM-AUTO GSM SMS Controller GSM-CTLSMS remote relay switch
gsm remote management for vending machine gsm remote management for vending machine gsm remote management for vending machine
GSM-DKEY Control box GSM-WEEKLY Remote controller GSM Temperature alarm&Controller

the coin acceptor products series include comparable type coin acceptor , multi-coin coin acceptor , electronics coin acceptors , single type coin acceptor , mechnical type coin acceptor , condom vending machine, internet cafe vending machine , kiosks vending machine , medecine vending machine , paper vending machine, coin-operated washing machine control box,mdb adapter to coin acceptor and the bill acceptor and so on.

hi-09 coin acceptor eu1 coin acceptor sk coin acceptor
hi-09 multi-coin coin acceptor

eu series multi-coin coin acceptor

electronics series coin selectors

wafer products also have been widely used in the coffee self-service vending machine ,condom type vending machine , game machine, water vending machine , paper vending machine, self-service washing vending machine and so on.

kiosk computer vending machine gsm vending machine management unit
internet kiosk machine

vending machine control box

gsm vending machine control unit

wafer has full products vending machine cnotrol board series for customers including mdb controller ,mdb adapter to pc,internet kiosk development kits.

control board for kiosk computer,internet cafe mdb adapter board to computer
control board for kiosk computer Control board for vending machine

MDB-RS232 adapter to pc

the automitic door system products such as automatic door sensors, microwave motion sensors, safety beam sensor, infrared presence sensor,infrared contactless sensor switch , wireless touchless switch, microwave contactless sensor switch , program switch, vehicle loop detector and hopping code remote control system. WAFER Brand GSM-KEY series gsm controller for automatic door,sliding gate ,swing gate and garage door openers.
automatic door microwave motion sensor series gsm remote controller for automatic door opener automatic door safety sensor series

automatic door sensor series

gsm-key automatic door controller
GSM RTU5015 to GSM KEY Best Price and pdf manual download from website page

automatic door safety beam sensor
WS-210 compatible with BEA

they are now widely used in the automaitc door,sliding door, swing door,revolving door,sliding gate,garage door and supply the safety for the supermarket,business centre,transport station,hospital and so on

automatic door sensor series gate sefety beam sensor automatic door key switch
microwave contactless sensor switch
gate safety beam sensor
automatic door key switch

we also can oem the sensors,switches for the market.

automatic door key switch series infrared automatic door sensor solar door number
Electric lock cabinet lock access lock
infrared presence door sensor

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