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WF-401 Coin Operated Computer (vending computer) and Internet cafe kiosk ( Kiosk computer )

With Internet Cafe or Internet Kiosk Coin acceptor

Just plug our USB adapter WF-4011 and then turn your PC to a vending PC. Save your cost and bring your internet cafe business into more profit.

( We OEM our software for our customer ! )

WF-401 Box inside the following parts list:

1、Metal box (Black color), Size: 120mm(Width)*215mm(Depth)*310mm(Height)
2、Inside cash box (has the seperate key lock)
3、Multi-coin coin acceptor EU1 or HI-09
4、WF-4011 USB adapter board (Plug and play,not the simple RS232-USB)
5、Coin meter
6、Power cable and other wires and accessories

Any old customers,please check the following update history,and if you still use the old version,please contact our online service to do the free software update and get the new version software.

WF-4011 PC Program Software

Mnaual of WF-4011

Important New pdate information:

V3.4 Add the Reset Timer Selection;
V3.5 Add the Restart Function When Time Out;
V3.6 Upate the Enter Keyboard Bugs;
V3.7 Different ratio setup for different timer;
V3.7 Every day email imcome report;

Hardware version V3.7 Add the connector to restart the PC when hacker break the computer management software.

Can setup five different pricing rate during the day

Email daily income data report earyday

Backside picture

  • WF-401 PC Vending system accumulates value and deducts appropriately.
  • Indicator Led and Beeper for alert.
  • Programmable vend prices from EU1 Multi-Coin Coin acceptor and Operation Timer.
  • Small compact size for installation
  • Low voltage operation from 12 volts DC.
  • The timer will extend its width to remind user insert more money;
  • Control the Sound and Video with the timer;
  • Control the internet of Upload and Download;
  • Email daily income report every day;
  • Can setup different price rate during the day;
  • USB Port to PC ( also can design with RS232 Port to PC)
  • Reset timer location when new session started;
  • Restart the computer,any time when the USB card lose the connection with the PC management software.

Size: 120mm(Width)*215mm(Depth)*310mm(Height) (WF-4011 Control Board inside)

WF-401 is a new kind of low cost USB Type terminal computer control box for Coin Operated Computer. It can be used for large number of applications. You can be used At almost any public or private place: Hotels, Train stations, Bus stations, Public buildings, Private buildings, Restaurants, Sport clubs, etc.

Software Setting Page: ( New version )

Inside WF-401 control board,that inside WF-4011 USB Adpter board comes equipped with a low cost USB Type coin-operated control board, which is connected to the USB port of the computer and controls the usage time of each user transaction.

You just connect it to PC and install the software driver as administrator, run it as limited user, and then you turn your PC into self-service Internet Cafe Machine.

Turn your PC into Coin Operated self Service Internet Cafe or Coin Operated PC Game can Save you management cost, hiring cost. make profit for you internet cafe and kiosk business. WEIFU Coin Op Internet Cafe Kiosk Timer have to work with WEIFU Best Multi Coin Acceptor EU1, Software controlled WEIFU Coin Op Internet Cafe Kiosk System.

What is new service for our customer:
1. You can put your own company's Logo on the start up screen.
2. You can write your own description of the start up screen.
3. You can add more applications for customer to use.

4. The mouse is free to move in case your run your own screen saver.
5. You can add more advertising pictures on the start up screen, get extra revenue from advertising.
6. Fixed few bugs.
7. Timer on screen can be fixed on any position.
8. It is in disable mode after installation. (You need to enable the function by password,and setup the parameters after you install the software.)

Download Manual: WF_401_En.pdf

Just Connect the two purple Wires and two signal Wires together ;

And Red wires and Black Wires need to be connected to Power Supply.

Technology Compare with normal simple system:
Technology Normal Simple System Our USB Driver System
If can control the internet? NO YES ( When timer is out , system will disconnect the internet )
If can control the sound? NO YES ( When timer is out , system will Close the sound )
If can control the screen? NO YES (When timer is out , system will start the screen saver or shut down the PC )
If can contro the PC totally? NO YES ( Even when timer is out , you can not use other mouse or keyboard to control the machine )
Can setup different rate NO YES,can setup five different pricing rate during the day
If can be hacked by hacker ? NO Any timer when the hacker attack the management software , then the USB card will restart the PC

  • Custom Software Development for virtually any application;
  • Larger LED is Optional;
  • Meter is Optional;
  • Custom Manufacturing of finished machines;
  • Design and Consultation for Prototypes and Production
  • Custom built harnesses and devices such as dispensers, etc.
  • You can put your own company's logo on the start up software and the screen saver;
  • The mouse is free to move in case your run your own screen saver;
  • Timer on screen can be moved to any position and also can be trun off by the Admin;


Hotel ,Public place,Internet bar .......