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Pulse type Coin acceptor to PC interface Serial adapter boards

  • The WF-700 serial is an RS232 interface module for most pulse type coin acceptor or bill acceptor products. The WF-700 has a built-in true RS232 port on its uplink communication port to interface with the serial port on a PC and a downlink port with inhibit line or inhibit relay to interface with validators.
  • the USB version, that is built-in the FT232RL to convert the RS232 to USB and create the virtul RS232 in main board

WAFER designed the classic WF-700 pulse to PC RS232 data adapter board in 2002. The basic version was to convert the pulse data from the coin acceptor into serial RS232 data acceptable to the PC. The computer needs to keep to send continuous POLL data communication with the adapter at a certain time and frequency. After receiving the coin pulse output from the coin acceptor, the WF-700 immediately converts it to the corresponding data byte change and reports it to the computer software.
When the host PC fails and the polling command cannot be sent, the WF-700 will actively stop the coin acceptor from accepting coins. Ensure system security and friendly user experience.
Subsequent WAFER continued to develop multiple compatible versions, including WF-700ICT, WF-T00RM, WF-700REC,PULSE-PC, PPULSE-PC and other series. Users can connect multi-pulse coin acceptors. The user can send commands to control the ticket dispenser, gashapon dispenser, coin hopper, etc.
Now computer motherboards, Raspberry Pi motherboards and other computer motherboards with rich interfaces including RS232 and USB, have become vending machine motherboards, making the development of vending and self-service systems easier and more abundant.
In this way, the WF-700 product series can be better and more widely applicable to information kiosk machines, game machines,vending machines and other occasions.

Model Power Input How many coin acceptor can be connected What type coin acceptor can be used How many output Hopper can be connected Ticket dispenser can be connected
WF-700USB DC12V 1 DC12V Single pulse Inhibit switch output - -
WF-701REC DC12V or 24V 1 DC12V Single pulse - YES -
WF-702REC DC12V or 24V 4 DC12V Single pulse - YES -
WF-700TK DC12V 4 DC12V Single pulse - - YES
PULSE-C DC12V 1 DC12V Single pulse One relay outut - -
PPULSE-C DC12V 1 DC12V Multi parallel pulse One relay output - -

(Download : Manual of WF-700USB)

(Download : Manual of WF-701REC )

(Download : Manual of WF-702REC )

(Download : Manual of WF-700TK )

(Download : Manual of PULSE-PC)

(Download : Manual of PPULSE-PC)

WF-700B/WF-700-RELAY Manual

WF-700B/WF-700-RELAY Test Software

WF-702USB Development kits files

PULSE-PC Development kits files