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Coin meter for Game machine and vending machine

  • Electric, non-resetable counter
  • 6 digit, counts to 999,999 then repeats
  • 600 counts per minute
  • With mounting bracket
  • With or without diode
  • DC+12V

game machine anti-interference board

WF-AJ1 is designed to avoid illegal and deliberate interference to the program. With WF-AJ1, the game machines and earnings of the operators are secured.
9 in 1 function: anti-interference of wireless waves, high-voltage electricity, cell-phone wireless waves, high and low frequency waves, ultra high frequency wave and ultra short wireless waves; and time delay alert ( when interfered, the machine shuts down by itself and turns on again after few seconds).

Wire connectors and wire harness processing:(OEM with your sample)

电子线束01 电子线束02 电子线束03
Sample 01
Sample 02
Sample 03