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What is the Function of the WF-501LCD timer control board ?
Answer: WF-501LCD timer control board,that can be connected with coin accpeotr,bill validator and then will be a coin operated timer controller.It has two pulse input channel.so users can connect two pulse type payment device to it. No just for coin acceptor to operate it , Any pulse type output payment device can be connected to it.

Technical FAQ for WF-501LCD:

Only Terminal 1 and 2 is DC12V input and others +12V,GND ,that is output to payment device


Questions About Power input:
Question 1: What is the power input voltage for WF-501LCD?
Anwers 1: For WF-501LCD, Power input is DC12V. and you should connect the proper polarity to the power input port. If wrong,WF-501LCD cann't be powered on. From the above picture,that terminals marked 1 an 2, that is for power input. and the right size. that is DC12V output to payment device.

Questions About PAUSE and RESET Switch Input :
Question 1:how to connect the pause and reset button?
Anwers: 1: Just simply connect the switch two pins to the cable.

Question 2:How can I setup it to run automatically and no need the PAUSE button ?
Anwers: 2: In the program menu, you can change it to "auto run" mode.

Question 3:About the maximum pause time of the pause button ?
Anwers: 3: If the user presses the pause button, it must restart within 3 minutes. If it has not started for more than 3 minutes, the time will be cleared. Therefore, it is best to make a sticker on the side of the timer box to give a clear reminder to the user.

Questions About NO/NC type output from coin acceptor:
Question 1:how to select the NO or NC type pulse output from coin acceptor ?
Anwers: 1: Please select the NO type.If you choose the NC type output, it may easily produce interference signals.

Questions About the Relay Output:

Question 1: How many outputs on one WF-501LCD board ?
Anwers: 1: WF-501LCD has one relay output and the relay output maximum switch power is 240V/10A. When at standy status,that relay switch is opened (two terminal are not shorted), and When the timer is running,then relay switch will be shorted. So user can use this relay output to switch ON and OFF the fire line of electrical equipment to control the power supply of electrical equipment. So when the coin inserted,and the timer start to count down and when time runs out,then relay switch will switch off power supply cable.

Question 2: What voltage can be output from the WF-501LCD Output port ?
Anwers: 2: WF-501LCD output don’t have any voltage or current. It is a simple switch, Just a switch type output. That means it working very similar as your switch. Two pins (COM and NO), when triggered,then that two pins would be shorted and when OFF, that two pins would be opened.You can use this switch to ON or OFF other device power cable. For example,you can use the output to ON or OFF a live wire of the motor power cable. If you are not familar with the RELAY output and how to use it properly,please check the file: Relay_control_output_faq.pdf

Very important note: Do not connect the live and neutral wires to the two output terminals of the relay. In this way, when the relay is turned on, it will cause a short circuit of the external power supply, which will bring danger to the circuit and permanently burn the board.

Questions About the Pictures of the connection to the relay Output:

Questions About the interference from the motor or electromagnetic valve:
Question 1: When I use this timer control to control a big power motor or a electromagnetic valve,when I insert the coin it start, but maybe more time credit added and also when timer is out and when motor stop,but the timer will restart agan , what is the problem happen ?
Anwers:1: For the motor and electromagnetic valve, these equipments are all Inductive load,When starting and stopping, it will generate large electromagnetic interference to the board throught the power cable.So we have to add a magnetic ring to smooth or eliminate interference on the power cable.

Below picture is the magnetic ring. this is a very cheap component,but very very useful.

Questions About The Manual:
Question 1: Where to download the WF-501LCD Manual ?
Anwers:1: Normally in our package,we have a paper manual inside the box, if you need to download it,then please go to :

Any other questions on our products,please contact us: