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Technical FAQ for GSM Alarm GL09TOP:

GL09TOP advantage:

Although the GL09TOP is designed to run on batteries,it is also possible to use an external power supply. When connected to external DC12V power supply, GL09TOP is always connected with the GSM network. When the power fails,th batteries take over and a power failure alert sms message will be sent,and then the GLO9TOP will work in the low power mode.That means GSM module swithed off and only when it needs to send a alarm notification, then it start to connect to GSM network.

1. Water proof box mounted

2. Two battery (CR123A Lithium 3v) for two year working (Maximum working time)

3. DC12V Normal power supply.

4. Low working current (standby current 6V / 4uA)

5. Eight alarm input

6. One voltage output for siren

7. GSM and 3G Optional

8. All functions compatible with GL09 Alarm box

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