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GSM Alarm box GL09 (Battery operated GSM alarm box)

Eight channel GSM SMS Alarm box;
Wide power input voltage from DC5V to DC16V;
SMS alarm message would be sent to maximum 6 preset mobile phones when any alarm input triggered;
Any input (From S1 to S8) is shorted to GND,then will trigger the alarm;
Alarm SMS can be customized with your Text;
Very smart and slim designed gsm box ,Can be easily mounted to other target system board to add the gsm alarm features;
Can measure the power input voltage and when lower than the setting limit,device will send the alarm SMS;
Very smart and slim designed gsm box , Box size only 68mm*73mm and only 23mm height. can be easily mounted to other target system board to add the gsm alarm features;
We can customized design the GSM Alarm box according to your requirments with free of charge;
​Can be used widely to connect different sensors to it. for example door magnetic switch,infrared sensor,water level sensor,temperature measurement device;
​Support power-save mode for battery working and only need several uA current to keep the device working.

Difference between GL09 and GL09Plus:

The GL09PLUS has been designed with an alarm voltage output port. When the alarm occurs, it can output a voltage for a period of time, which can be used to connect the voltage control alarm siren. The output voltage is the same as the power supply voltage.

Packing list:
One pcs GL09 alarm box with antenna
One pcs input cable
One pcs manual paper

One pcs Siren (Speaker) (Only for GL09Plus)

  • Works  with GSM phones  and SMS command
  • Operating temperature (-10 .. +60 °C) 
  • Security hardware program protection line to keep the system at safety operating mode.
  • Three alarm mode optional (Phone calling alarm, SMS alarm or both )
  • Working voltage is at DC5V to DC16V.
  • Realtime measure the battery voltage for Low voltage alarm to protect the battery
  • Power-save sleep working mode can be selected to extend the working hours of the battery
  • Only around 30uA DC12V power consumption during power-save mode

Our standard products is designed with QUAD GSM BAND and that is no problem for all the world market at 850/900/1800/1900MHz

The follwoing is the 3G version GA09-B picture: