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Technical FAQ for GSM Alarm GABP:

GABP advantage:

There are two ways to trigger an alarm:
1. When the magnet is removed from the surface of the box, the internal switch is released, thus turning on the battery power supply and triggering an alarm;
2. The input line is connected, thereby turning on the battery power supply, triggering an alarm;


  • Two pcs CR123A battery for power supply
  • SMS alarm message would be sent to maximum 3 preset mobile phones when alarm triggered
  • Also can preset 3 mobile phones for dial to alarm when any alarm input triggere
  • Alarm SMS can be customized
  • Support SMS alarm ,phone calling alarm

1. Two battery (CR123A Lithium 3v) for working

2. GSM and 3G Optional

3. When an alarm occurs, two batteries supply power.
In the standby state, there is no power supply at all and no standby power consumption, which greatly extends the service life of the battery. When the alarm does not occur frequently, the battery consumption can hardly be calculated. According to the average alarm once a day, without calculating the battery life, two batteries can be used for at least three years.

Very simple application scenarios:
(such as anti-theft or catching animals)
The user can use a concealed thin wire, one end is tied to the surrounding fixed object, the other end is tied to the magnetic steel, so that the thin wire is blocked in the way of people or animals, and then the magnetic steel is placed on the surface of the box to make GABP in Power off standby state. When a person or animal passes by and pulls the thin wire, causing the magnet to leave the surface of the box, the switch inside the box will close the power supply and send an alarm message or call to the set number.

Only need to use a thin line, you can establish a hidden security alarm boundary in the field. If someone or animal pulls the thin line, the alarm will start.

If you build a trap by yourself, and an animal falls into the trap, it will pull the thin line, and GABP also can start to send an alarm.

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