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GL500 CPU Recognise Coin Acceptor (CPU Multi-coin coin acceptor)


An intelligent multi-Coin acceptor can memorize and recognize 5 different type coins with different signals from 1 pulse to 99 pulses. The product include software guard system, and this alarm system can prevent opportunistic behaviors. It it not only good for your Amusement Machine but also Vending Machines.

Coin Acceptor Specification:

  • single chip auto recognize system
  • Apply to coin diameter:18mm-29mm
  • Apply to coin thickness: 1.2mm-3mm
  • work voltage: DC12V (+/- 20%)
  • current in 50ma
  • Net weight: 600grams/each
  • CPU system identify the coin's material, thickness and diameter
  • Include software guard system
  • Can connect the counter
  • TIME SWITCH can be set to fast-25ms, medium-45ms and slow-65ms
How To Set Up the Coin Acceptor With The Game Machine:
  • Step 1: operate with the game machine's standard mode Normal Open
  • Step 2: switch to the correct speed(pulse) of coin machine: FAST 25ms, MEDIUM 45ms and SLOW 65ms
  • Step 3: Connecting the +12V DC and Ground wiring for the coin Acceptor.
  • Step 4: Arrange the token sample that you want the Coin acceptor to accept
  • Step 5: Set the switch from "Start" to "Set" position, the LED light will show "00", press the switch which for adjusting the coin's value, to adjust the coin value when the coin programming. "00-99" means how many times of the out pulse signal will be sent when the programmed coin was deposited, return the switch from "Set" to "Start", it is finished
  • Step 6: Set the switch from "NOM" to "MGN" position, then turn the switch from "Start" to "Set" position, the LED show default "P1", "P1-P9" means a output signal needs how many programmed coins to be deposited like "P1, P2, P3...P9"
  • Step 7: Prepare the needed sample coins.
  • Step 8: Insert 10pcs coins in turn to set the coin (time interval 0.3 seconds)
  • Step 9: Turn the coin set switch to "Start" and finished the setting.
Coin Acceptor Packaging:
  • Each piece packed into a small white box, size is W140 x D130 x H70 (mm)
  • 15pcs packed into a carton, size is W440 x D360 x W200 (mm)
  • 50pcs packed into 1 cartons