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GL145 CPU Simple-coin coin acceptor


Coin Acceptor Specification:

1. Apply to coin's diameter from 18mm to 32mm.Aply to coin's thickness is from 1.2mm to 3.2mm.workvoltage is DC+12V.
2. Operate with the game machine's standard.Switch to the correct mode with N.O ( Normal Open) and N.C.(Normal Close). Usually use Normal Open.
3. Switch to the correct speed of pulse of coin machine.FAST is 25ms(short pulse signal) . MEDIUM is 45ms (medium pulse signal). SLOW is 65ms (long pulse signal) by TIMER SWITCH for synchronizing with your machine.
4. When the coin acceptor is used ,the coin setting switch needs to be set correctly according to the coin that was selected.
5. The switch which for adjusting the coin's value, can adjust the coin value when the coin programming is from 00 to 99 ,that means how many times of the output pulse signal will be sent when the programmed coin was deposited.if show P2 to P9,that means a output pulse signal needs how many programmed coins to be deposited.
6. The switch for test the coin's sensitive degree, it detects the difference between real/fake coin. when inserted.
7. Please turn on power about 10 minutes before using or setting then you can get the optimal effect.
8. Using the intelligent multi-function CPU system automatically identify the coin by material thickness and diameter.
9. Study typing! Can set up 1 different value groups at the same time and each value set can program?45 coins.
10. Can connect the counter.
11. It can supply digital byte output and make some modification in the output program according the demand.
12. Adjust the kinds of coins: RMB, Hongkong dollar, Australian dollar, US dollar, Euro dollar, Canadian dollar, Pound, Tai dollar, etc.